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ERA Accessories
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Nice BM1000 for FloR & VeryVR, 255-codes memory card

255-codes memory for FloR and VeryVR receivers ..

£35.70 Ex VAT £42.84 Inc VAT

Nice Era One 1,2,4,9 channels 433.92 MHz rolling code transmitters

433.92 MHz rolling code, with management of IdentityCodes and Certificates, self-learning and bu..

£34.30 Ex VAT £41.16 Inc VAT

Nice EPL large synchronised photocells

NICE EPL are large photocells from the new ERA series. Characterised by a modern design and a reach ..

£85.60 Ex VAT £102.72 Inc VAT

Nice EPM fixed or positionable synchronised outdoor photocells

Medium size fixed or positionable synchronized photocells also with Nice BlueBUS technology. ..

£68.30 Ex VAT £81.96 Inc VAT

Nice EPS slim synchronized photocell

Synchronized photocells also in burglar-resistant version.The NICE EPS slim photocell is an auxi..

£68.30 Ex VAT £81.96 Inc VAT

Nice EL flashing signaling light

Available with different power supplies: 230 Vac, 24 Vdc and 12 Vdc.Practical: body extremely re..

£55.70 Ex VAT £66.84 Inc VAT

Nice MORX Decoder

Decoder for 1 MOM or 4 MOT connected in parallel with memory BM1000 for 255 combinations ..

£96.10 Ex VAT £115.32 Inc VAT

Nice PPH Pair Of Aluminium Posts With Protected Housing For Medium And Large Photocells

Pair of aluminium posts for 1 or 2 photocells, medium and large, 500mmh or 1000mh.Outdoor alumin..

£97.70 Ex VAT £117.24 Inc VAT

Nice PPK pair of aluminium posts with protected housing for key selector

Outdoor aluminium posts for selectors and proximity readers, 1100mm h...

£129.20 Ex VAT £155.04 Inc VAT