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Nice ETP Proximity reader for MOCARD/MOCARDP and HSB1 badges

Nice ETP Proximity reader for MOCARD/MOCARDP and HSB1 badges

Transponder proximity reader for cards and badges, bimodal transmitters Flor-m, also with Nice BlueBUS technology.

Easy programming:

• 2 programming modes: Easy or Professional;

• Allows you to determine which cards/badges are enabled on the system; • possibility of programming the number of uses available to a specific card or badge;

• 255 storable cards/badges expandable, on ETP, up to 510 cards/badges with a second additional memory BM1000.

• 2 modes (static and dynamic) to activate two different commands (ETP version). With a MOU handheld or O-Box interface you can manage easily any kind of programming of the BM1000 memory, in proximity of the system or also at a distance, directly from the office of the installer. MOU and O-Box are interfaced with the PC, thus allowing an orderly storing of all installations. Nice BlueBUS technology: available with BlueBus system which allows an easy connection to the control unit of all devices with only two wires, by simply connecting them in parallel and other exclusive functions:

• 2 modes (static and dynamic) for the activation of two different commands chosen among 6 available ones (for example, step operation, close, open), depending on the control unit to which they are connected to;

• possibility of inserting an automation block/unblock function;

• up to 4 control devices EDSB/EDSIB and ETPB which can be connected via BlueBUS, also with a mixed configuration; Transponder badge HSB1 Practical in use, can be added to the key chain so as to be always available.

Detection Range (cm)3 to 6cm
IP Rating54

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