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Nice Bio 40.685Mhz 4 channel fixed code programmable transmitters- Limited stock remaining

Nice Bio 40.685Mhz 4 channels fix code programmable transmitters - Limited stock remaining..

£28.17 Ex VAT £33.80 Inc VAT

Nice BM1000 for FloR & VeryVR, 255-codes memory card

255-codes memory for FloR and VeryVR receivers ..

£35.70 Ex VAT £42.84 Inc VAT

Nice Era One 1,2,4,9 channels 433.92 MHz rolling code transmitters

433.92 MHz rolling code, with management of IdentityCodes and Certificates, self-learning and bu..

£34.30 Ex VAT £41.16 Inc VAT

Nice Go mini cover for NiceWay transmitters

NiceWay Mini cover, Go can be hung anywhere and can also be used as a key-ring thanks to the tie tha..

£5.60 Ex VAT £6.72 Inc VAT

Nice Inti 433.92Mhx universal control system transmitter

The colourful new line of 1 and 2 channel miniaturised transmitters is available in six colours..

£35.90 Ex VAT £43.08 Inc VAT

Nice NiceWay Opla square or rectangular wall plaques

Inconspicious, fetching and functionalExtremely slim - as is the plate itself - the transmitter ..

£6.30 Ex VAT £7.56 Inc VAT

Nice CARICA plug-in card for battery charger

Plug-in card for a battery charger. ..

£56.70 Ex VAT £68.04 Inc VAT

Nice CB Protective Rubber Pad For Low Rolled Mechanical Edge

Protective rubber pad for low rolled mechanical edge and aluminium profi les in sections measuring 2..

£13.25 Ex VAT £15.90 Inc VAT

Nice PSY24 24Vdc battery box with control circuit and carry handle

PSY24 - 24V battery box with control circuit and carry handle.It stores the electrical energy pr..

£422.60 Ex VAT £507.12 Inc VAT

Nice ROA6 slotted nylon rack for Robus motor

M4 25x20x1000 mm slotted nylon rack with metal insert for gates weighing up to 500 kg. ..

£19.60 Ex VAT £23.52 Inc VAT

Nice ROA7 zinc coated rack for Robus sliding motor

M4 rack, zinc coated, 22x22x1000 mm. ..

£221.70 Ex VAT £266.04 Inc VAT

Nice ROA8 zinc coated rack with spacers & screws for Robus sliding gate motor

M4 rack, 30x8x1000 mm, zinc coated with spacers and screws. ..

£235.10 Ex VAT £282.12 Inc VAT

Nice ROA81 zinc coated rack with preset spacers & screws for Robus gate motor

M6 rack, 30x30x1000 mm, zinc coated, preset for screws and spacers, to be coupled with RUA12. ..

£53.30 Ex VAT £63.96 Inc VAT

Nice RUA12 12 teeth pinion, module 6 for Run gate motor

12-teeth pinion, module 6, to be coupled with rack ROA81.The Run automation is supplied with a m..

£52.10 Ex VAT £62.52 Inc VAT

Nice SYA1 power supply unit for battery PSY24

Enables rapid battery charging via a 230Vac power mains, as an alternative to the photovoltaic modul..

£117.10 Ex VAT £140.52 Inc VAT

Nice SYP photovoltaic solar panel for 24Vdc power supply

Photovoltaic panel converts sunlight into electricity and the PSY24 battery box, storing the electri..

£248.30 Ex VAT £297.96 Inc VAT