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Nice naked 400 24Vdc motor for sliding gate up to 400Kg

Nice naked 400 24Vdc motor for sliding gate up to 400Kg

Nice concealed motor for sliding gates up to 400Kg with leaf length up to 6m.

Motor with built-in control unit and absolute encoder which can be installed inside a compact post with suitable holes.

Its extremely small size allows the motor to be installed even in very slender posts, with interior size down to 140x140mm.

User-friendly: Thanks to the BlueBus system, allowing the control unit to be connected to up to 7 pairs of photocells and control, security and signalling devices with just two wires.

State-of-the-art: It features a temperature sensor that adapts the motor force to weather conditions, also modulating the overload protection.

Master/Slave selection: For automatic synchronisation even of 2 motors, allowing automation of sliding gates with two opposing leaves.

Intelligent: Obstacle detection and automatic working time programming. Self-diagnostics with flashing light signalling.

Safe: Adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of every opening and closing operation.

User-friendly, precise limit switch adjustment: Integral absolute limit switch, quick learning with just one opening or closing operation with motor released.

Practical: Control unit and optional PS124 buffer batteries can be connected by means of practical guided - connector.

Flexible: Unlocking can be provided on both sides of post and/or on the outside. Also easy to install on existing posts.

Battery Backup OptionYes
IP Rating10
Max Gate Weight400Kg
Max Speed34cm/s
Motor Voltage24Vdc
Solar Power OptionYes
Work Cycle35

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