Nice NiceWay WM003C1G 433.92MHz hybrid transmitter

Nice NiceWay WM003C1G 433.92MHz hybrid transmitter

The NiceWay WM003C1G transmitter is to control 3 step-by-step and 1 open-stop-close automation systems.

The NiceWay system is based on a number of transmitter modules that can be placed in five different holder models to create a flexible range of made-to-measure solutions. The modular control system is to manage the range of Nice automations from any point within the home. The single or multi-channel modules for the control of single automations, groups or multi-groups, like awnings, roller shutters, rolling doors, gates, garage doors, barriers, lighting and irrigation systems.

Advanced and compatible: 

  • A frequency of 433.92MHz 
  • Compatible with the 433.92MHz 
  • 52-bit rolling code with(over 4.5 million of billion combinations); self-learning function.
  • Compatible with the 433.92MHz Nice Ergo, Plano, FloR and VeryVR systems ( Flo and Smilo with WM240C and WM080G). 
  • Estimated range: 200m in a free field, 35m indoors. 
  • Extended battery life (3V Lithium battery).
Number of Buttons6
Button ColourGrey
Case ColourWhite
Number Of Channels4
Coding TypeRolling Code
Power Supply3Vdc lithium CR2032

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