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Nice Era wireless touch screen controller to control Nice automations

Nice Era wireless touch screen controller to control Nice automations

Touchscreen to control Nice automations and manage the NiceHome alarm system.

The wireless Nice Era touchscreen can mage all home automations, the remote control of:
  • a maximum of 99 single controls
  • up to 10 groups of controls, to manage a number of automations of the same type simultaneously
  • up to 10 single scenarios, to manage different automations, including those associated with the alarm system.

By using Nice TT2L or TT2D miniaturised control units and/or universal receivers, you can manage light, irrigation and heating.

Automations, groups and scenarios can be controlled in time bands thanks to built-in weekly and hourly programmer. Simple programming, configuration and control of the alarm system, with an intuitive graphic display, built-in vocal guide, and bidirectional technology.

Built-in proximity transponder badge reader for the management of alarm system: each individual key can be personalised for the single user and individual zones.

Thanks to the bidirectional wireless communication with the alarm system, the touchscreen displays alarm system status, indicating the status of each individual zone by means of simple icons.

Main functions:

  • Management of Nice automations with FLOR encoding: it can control up to 99 single automations divided into sun screens, gates, garages and lighting.
  • Simultaneous management of the controls for blinds, shutters and sun screens automated with Nice tubular motors.
  • Control of single automations, groups of automations and the execution of scenarios, with the possibility of attributing a name to each automation.
  • Management of timed controls through the built-in weekly and hourly programmer.
  • Four programmable buttons to control automations and/or groups and/or scenarios.
  • Scenarios combined with event notifications enable the garden lights to be turned on and/or the shutters to be closed in the event of an alarm in the garden.
  • Easy to update thanks top the mini-USB connector.

* A handy wall holder can be purchased separately.

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