Nice EDSWG digital wireless keypad

Nice EDSWG digital wireless keypad

ERA wireless keypad with 12 key digital selectors, radio connection.

Digital radio selector with FloR 52 bit coding:

  • Compatible with FloR with rolling code and generates 4.5 trillions of combinations, self-learning.


  • No cabling needed and an estimated range of 25m in free space and 15m inside buildings.
  • Backlit keypad


  • The combination is a 0 to 8 digit number, this allows the generation of 99,999,999 possible combinations.


  • Extremely reduced consumption, transmission is activated at the pressure of a key and turns off automatically. The ambient light sensor activates lighting of the keyboard only when this is necessary.


  • Vandal-proof container in metal casting, IP54


  • Extremely strong metal body, only 27-millimetre depth.

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